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The primary purpose of the Friends organization is to be of service to the library and to the community. These needs can range widely, from fundraising to lobbying for a local referendum to providing snacks for children in story hour. Each community is unique and so, therefore, is each Friends organization.
The Friends organization is for people who wish to work with people, for those with special talents, for those who like to work with books and help with library social functions.
A Friends organization can provide an opportunity for individuals to make a recognizable contribution to the community and the library.

Some of the services performed by existing Friends organizations are:
Literacy programs, Coffee and refreshments at programs, Christmas open house, Christmas decorations, Radio shows, Tours of library, Book sales, Displays, Exhibit booth at county fair, Grounds and shrub maintenance, Parade float, Book mending, Genealogy, Telephoning, Delivery to the homebound, and Gift sales.

Join the Morton-James Library Friends organization and enjoy the fellowship of other Friends at our social events and service projects. Assist at library programs and with behind-the-scenes library activities and support the library in developing its services and facilities for the community.
Join Friends of the Library
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The Dues are $3.00 per year. You may pay at the library or the Friends meeting.
Meetings will be held quarterly unless otherwise needed.

Send to:
Phone (402) 873-5609
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